Annotation: Collaboration

Immroth, B., & Lukenbill, W. (2007). Teacher-School Library Media Specialists Collaboration through Social Marketing Strategies: An Information Behavior Study. School Library Media Research, 101-16. Retrieved October 6, 2013, from

This study examined how social marketing strategies can be a tool for fostering collaborative relationships in schools between teacher-librarians, content teachers and student librarians (i.e. practicum school librarian graduate students). The study is thoroughly documented and reflects its validity as exploratory research, but I was most interested in the strategies the librarians tried. By using the concept of social marketing, which aims to benefit the audience and society instead of the marketer, and the Attention Interest Desire Action (AIDA) model, the researchers were able to give a common framework for their participants to pursue this type of collaboration. Though written as an academic research article, its application of the AIDA model could be potentially more useful to practitioners seeking to improve their collaborative efforts than a simple list of tips—like eating lunch with other teachers in the teacher’s lounge or sharing names of new DVDs with targeted teachers.

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