Annotation: Defining “information literacy”

Abilock, D. (2013). Information Literacy: Building Blocks of Research: Overview of Design, Process and Outcomes. NoodleTools. Retrieved September 4, 2013, from

This web resource conceptualizes information literacy by dividing it into the component skills that learners need to master in order to become successful researchers. Information literacy is defined here as “a transformational process in which the learner needs to find, understand, evaluate, and use information…” The webpage offers descriptions of  “building blocks” for this inquiry process, followed by a breakdown of student skills, strategies and outcomes. The content is organized in bulleted lists and hyperlinks, providing a quick overview, as well as an in-depth look at ways the processes could be taught. Though hosted by the commercial research tool vendor, NoodleTools, whose motivation for posting this information is likely promotional, the sources of their information are clearly referenced at the bottom of the page and the strength of this resource lies in its organization and presentation. The explanations are succinct and practical for professionals seeking to understand the elements of informational literacy. Because it is not written in extended, academic discourse and is not meant to overwhelm, this resource could be appealing to a general library- and school-based audience.

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