Annotation: Personal Information Management

University of Minnesota University Libraries. (2013). Managing Your Information. Current Awareness and Personal Information Management. Retrieved September 22, 2013, from

This academic library guide provides multiple ideas and resources for people seeking ways to manage their personal information collections. The library promotes its own services, such as subject librarians and a PIM blog for researchers, as one would expect since most libraries exist to serve their specific patrons, but I did not feel like the reader had to be affiliated with the University of Minnesota to benefit from the information. The website has separate pages that go into greater detail for citation management, productivity tools, alerts and feeds, personal archiving, and social networking. Each section has links to explore that develop the topic even further with examples and further research. Not all of the suggestions are geared toward academic researchers, however, and the guide also offers its audience general ways to keep their lives organized, recognizing that everyone has their own approach to the subject.

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