Annotation: Visual Tools

Ruffini, M. F. (2008). Using E-Maps to Organize and Navigate Online Content. EDUCAUSE Quarterly, 31(1), 56-61. Retrieved from

This article aims to help university faculty use computer-generated mind-maps, or e-maps, in their online course management systems in order to improve the student experience. The piece contains screenshots and application ideas for the use of e-maps, as well as explanations for how make them available. Special educators and education reformers have long been encouraging K-12 teachers to use graphic organizers in their instruction because of the cognitive benefits they offer, but higher educators often do not receive the same nudges. By rebadging the idea for universities in a scholarly journal format and including a short review of learning theory research, this article could offers a proven best-practice used in K-12 education to academia without the risk of contempt.

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