My Gen 2 Paperwhite

Because I have been a Kindle junkie for a while now, my new second generation Kindle was released and arrived in the mail today. I’ve been having packages shipped to my boyfriend’s place of employment, because they deliver things directly to his waiting hands, instead of leaving them out in the elements without ringing the bell (happens at home all the time) or in the middle of the floor of the entryway (like my diploma from Master’s degree–see below)

This is where the postman left my graduate diploma. I was very impressed by his care and due diligence.

This is where the postman left my graduate diploma (back in July 2007). I was very impressed by his care and due diligence.

Anyway, I told my boyfriend not to open it this time because I wanted to open it. Apparently the look of terror on his face when his colleague had the box half-way open did prevent my package from being completely opened. (Said colleague is also a bit of a Kindle junkie.)

I don’t need to post a picture of the new Kindle, because it is ascetically identical to my other Paperwhite, except that they back bears the Amazon logo instead of the word “Kindle” and slightly bolder font on the word “Kindle” on the front. It probably also weighs a pennyweight less, because I opted for the Wifi only (not the bells-and-whistles-3G that my other four generations have had). I mean, if I’m going to regularly recklessly blow money on tech toys (because I’m spoiled), I should try to be slightly economical, right?

Here’s my quick-and-dirty-impression. It is not as big of a jump up as previous generations have, but it is an improved reading experience and I do not regret the expenditure. The light is better, more evenly spread and I can turn it way down so that it actually appears to be off (even though it isn’t, but you can’t tell unless you close yourself in a windowless room). I mostly was unimpressed and uninterested in a light that would be on all the time. I have appreciated it in places like planes and reading in bed though.

The touch screen response is better. It doesn’t feel like I’m trying to punch an address into my GPS (yes, that little tech toy of mine hasn’t been updated since 2010–gasp! They are probably better now). It’s pretty good… not an iPhone, but good enough.

And the other little features Amazon has added are cool. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the browse-within-your-book-without-losing-your-page. (Okay, this one merits a picture…)


You can drag the scroll bar at the bottom to browse a book without leaving your spot!

Highlighting and word-lookup seem improved to me. For example, if you screw up and need to re-do the highlight, you don’t have to start over, you can just extend it. Or leaving a definition doesn’t require hitting the little x-button; you can just click off it now. I’m also intrigued by the Vocabulary Builder feature. Dealing with accidentally-added bookmarks seems easier–you can x-button them to delete them. Also, there’s a little confirmation + when adding a bookmark to be sure that you actually WANT it there. (I’ve made so many accidental bookmarks, this is a good thing!) Notes and highlights are now navigable from a tab in the “Go To” menu. Much better.

And I cannot WAIT for Goodreads integration, which I believe is coming as an update soon.

The screen is indeed crisper, clearer and brighter. I don’t know how that was possible, but it is, once again.

I am sure there are other small joys I will discover, but for now, I am satisfied. Did I need this new toy? No. Was the first Paperwhite lacking? Not really. Do I regret the ones that I bought for my classroom or gifted my little sister, thinking it would have been better to hold off a little longer for the better model. Nah, not at all. Both Paperwhites are great devices…

And yes, I still prefer my e-reader to physical books. One-handed reading is boss. So is not minding it in my purse or bag at all times.

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