Oh yes, I’m back in Academia…

My first impression after reading an “academic article” (for credit) after some five years is actually an appreciation: It’s sooooooooooo nice to read something that has been revised and edited to include correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. (Can you tell that my day job as a high school ESL teacher can wear on me sometimes? Most of the writing my students do is on Facebook, where their primary models are other kids who don’t know what they’re doing either.)

Reading academic articles also has reminded me that you can’t daydream or allow distractions when you are reading because you will only have to read the same paragraph over and over until you stop letting your mind wander. Or else you will fall asleep and have to scramble to get those 50 pages of reading done at the last minute. Falling asleep on my reading is the bane of my existence as an academic.

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