Comic Sans? Really?

I saw this on Twitter a while back:

Sigh… No. I will not defend a 20 year-old fad. No.

A colleague brought my attention to the movement to ‘weaponize Comic Sans‘… Really, does it make me a web-hipster to hate the font? Come on.

I still say no one takes Comic Sans font-users seriously, except maybe 3rd graders. An elementary teacher friend of mine likes to set it as her default because “it’s the only one that looks like handwriting and it helps the kids with their penmanship.” Oh, lord. There are such better choices.

In case you are unaware of the argument I support, consider the Ban Comic Sans website or Comic Sans Criminal.

Humorous anecdote

My department at my old job knew my distaste for the font and humored me by using other fonts for fliers instead if they knew I had to look at/share/use them. Right before I left, the new supervisor in charge of us made a bunch of yucky changes and followed up with some “rah-rah” leadership emails written in PURPLE Comic Sans.

I guffawed (if that is possible for someone under 60) and thought, “Oh, she has no idea how deep she just dug her own hole with me.” Even if I had wanted to be open-minded, I simply couldn’t at that point. 😉 My colleagues were very amused.

The alternatives

There are other fonts out there. For example, these: or these: or these: A quick Google search actually comes up with tons of suggestions!

If your reasons are for dyslexia, no worries there either: Or this (plus a dictionary!):

When should you use Comic Sans?

Jason Brubaker at ReMIND gives us 30 reasons. Consider #1: “When accompanied by Braille.” Also, #20: “You’re writing a letter to your clown friend.” Good reasons.