Library Websites Worth Looking At

If you haven’t ever read/seen Aaron Schmidt’s work, he’s got that snarky sense of humor that I very much appreciate. For example, his take on QR Codes in Libraries.

Anyway, he and his organization posted some evals of quality library websites. Worth a look, especially if you’re ever looking for libraries/features to model a library website after in the near future!

Redesign and the Ugly Website

I’ve been pondering a website redesign project I’ve got coming up. Ugly websites bother me just about as much as ugly fonts. (If you have never heard me rant about Comic Sans, I have a barrage of articles I have collected in my case against Comic Sans to share with you.) For my class this semester, we are collecting and sharing articles on information architecture and web design strategies on the discussion board–a professional learning community in action! Here is my latest contribution:

Krasny, J. (2014, July 14). Ugly Website? 4 Reasons to Skip a Redesign. Inc. Retrieved from:

In this article, Krasny takes a look at reasons why an “ugly” website maybe shouldn’t change. She suggests that the old classics, like Craigslist and Wikipedia who haven’t really changed at all since their origins, are better off because:

  • users love them the way they are (think of how upset people get when Facebook changes how their feed looks)
  • they simply work (great UX + practical layout)
  • they have flexible systems enough to accommodate content changes
  • they reflect your brand (maintain the “feel” of your product/service)

In a way, these tips protect the aesthetically simple, yet productive websites: nothing flashy, just the facts. We can learn from this as we design by recycling the things they do right. That said, there are plenty truly ugly websites with elements that should NOT be repeated. I really loved this infographic too and the lessons it offers, especially on color schemes and layouts. These are probably the easiest, data-driven fixes we can make for a redesign!