Annotation: EdCamps as a solution for teacher PD

PD (Mostly) Sucks. Is EdCamp The Solution? (n.d.). TeachThought. Retrieved November 24, 2013, from

This article suggests EdCamps as an alternative approach to the professional development that many educators have come to dread. The idea is to provide a blank slate of time slots and locations on a board and then ask the professionals on your staff to organize themselves into sessions based on what they are interested in sharing, presenting, discussing and exploring. It seems to me to be a bit optimistic, logistically, to expect the entire staff of a school, which might number over 100 people, to gather around a whiteboard, and negotiate their interests. However, the author does present several variations on how an EdCamp-style professional development day might work and references a board with even more ideas. The important part is that staff are engaged and have ownership over what they are learning—this is the kind of learning that we expect teachers to facilitate for our students, so it makes sense to offer the same opportunity for teachers’ own learning.