Annotation: MOOCs in K-12

Locke, M. (2013). MOOC: Will these four letters change K-12? Scholastic Adminstr@tor, Summer 2013. Retrieved December 8, 2013, from

This article describes the potential of MOOCs, or massive open online courses, being used in K-12 education They could be used for SAT prep or for schools that struggle to find instructors to lead an advanced course like AP Calculus. Unfortunately, cheating is hard to regulate and MOOCs also lack the relationship/teacher contact element that can be so important to younger learners. The author reviews advantages and disadvantages of the tool, but largely concludes that MOOCs could be useful as a supplement to the structures already in place. The article provides a succinct review of the possible impact and development of MOOCs in K-12 education and references a couple innovators in the field worth investigating.