my first bulletin board

I am not a bulletin board kind of person. This is probably also part of the reason that it would be hard for me to be an elementary school teacher. I can decorate a classroom with realia–you should have seen all the awesome French posters covering my walls when I was a French teacher, like this, for example:

French classroom posters

my French classroom posters

But not bulletin boards.

I had some in my ESL classroom, that I displayed the Read 180 rotation schedule on or student bios called “All About Me”, but there was no “theme” or “lettering” or “borders” or any of that.

But, now that I am a school librarian, and my library space doubles as a hallway during passing periods, I have to back on opportunities for displays! Here is my first effort, which I recruited a sweet GEDO student in need of service hours to help me with. I spent some time at the Early Learning Center school this morning using the Ellison die-cut machine. Here was the result:

bulletin board about Read On Wisconsin

my September Read On Wisconsin bulletin board

I’m really kind of proud of myself! It looks great and I’ll be able to cycle monthly book titles for book club discussions. Excellent. I also have plans for the matching bulletin board space on the opposite side of the library. (Wisconsin Battle of the Books… yes!)