Voki and Xtranormal

I just made a “book talk” on The Trouble with Chickens by Doreen Cronin (for my Children’s Literature course that I am taking this summer) using Voki and Xtranormal, which are two popular platforms for creating talking avatars.

I’m quite proud! Here are the results:

The short, abridged version on www.voki.com (about 38 seconds):

The other was created on www.xtranormal.com (about 1 minute, 15 seconds):

The Trouble with Chickens

by: hennebe

P.S. Xtranormal’s servers were down from last night until 7pm today… while it was a fun platform to use, I was really frustrated I couldn’t finish and post the project last night when I had the time! Don’t know if it’s a chronic problem with the website, but it’s something you should consider.

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